Raised in the musical magic of metro Detroit, Derek has often been referred to as a “suburban nomad.” Roots were also lain to the west, in the musical hotbed of the Ann Arbor area. Known for his interpretation of others' songs, his original compositions disdain categorization but fall into the progressive folk/rock/blues vein, ...let's call it, "Midwest Americana." He tends toward a more image-oriented lyrical wordplay, accompanied by strong rhythms.

Derek has performed at many festivals and venues throughout Michigan (the Ark, Trinity House Theater, Ypsilanti’s Crossroads summer series, BobFest (Dylan) and NeilFest (Young), and Veterans For Peace which benefit aid shelters, environmental funds and activism education.) He has appeared on stage with many Michigan favorites, and has also opened for visitors from other musical states. Though usually a solo act, Derek has often been accompanied by the dexterous violinist, Ron Ellman; and by Kirk Kuchukian, an accomplished player of the Oud.   

During the upswing of Michigan's film industry, Derek wrote, co-wrote and performed music for an as-yet unreleased film short entitled The Pick Up", filmed on location at Pontiac, Michigan’s Crofoot Theatre (writer: Audra Lord, dir: Hugh Holesome).  In 2012, he also wrote and performed all the music, and took on a principle acting role, for another independent film, “Forgiven” produced in Detroit (writer/dir: David Bark). "Forgiven" can be downloaded on Vimeo at: .

He has also been an active member of Southeast Michigan's Songwriters Anonymous, a participant and performer at F.A.R.M. (Folk Alliance Regional Midwest), and a longtime supporter of Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters and the Springfed Arts organization.

Derek has helped fellow musicians in the studio with some of their projects, but has yet to release a finalized CD recording of his own. However, a solid concept is in the works and will probably be released sometime in 2015. (fingers-crossed)

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